Your privacy is important.

Here is what you need to know:

George Douvos designs, developed and sells apps via Apple’s App Store. These apps, henceforth referred to as Douvos Apps, do not collect personal data — you are not required to submit personal data in order to use a Douvos App, and there is no mechanism built into any Douvos App for the collection of personal information. No third party tools are used to collect personal information through any Douvos App. There is no advertising on Douvos Apps, and thus that avenue for collection of personal data is closed. Douvos App do not employ location services. Douvos apps do not access the microphone, nor the camera.

Douvos Apps provide links to email, messaging and social media services available on Apple mobile devices, as well as links to the App Store. Douvos Apps do not monitor, record or store any user activity or communication on such services. The user is asked to consult the Privacy Policies of the relevant service providers.

Douvos Apps provide links to the George Douvos website. Neither the Douvos Apps, nor the George Douvos website monitor visits to the website or any activity on the website.

Apple may or may not collect and make available non-personal information pertaining to the use of Douvos Apps (sessions used, crash logs, etc). The user is asked to consult Apple’s Privacy Policy on such matters.

Bottom line: I don’t know who you are or what you do.

George Douvos

Melbourne, Australia

October, 2018

Privacy Policy

George Douvos