TrueDoF-Pro Overview

George Douvos

     ✓     Unrivaled flexibility — directly set any input you like, even the desired near or far limits of depth of field

     ✓     Lock any input in place; vary any other input

     ✓     Use as a traditional depth of field calculator, or "work backwards" — set depth of field, and have the focus distance and aperture as outputs

     ✓     An interface with a large range of customisation options, but which always remains uncluttered, intuitive and easy to use

     ✓     Based on solid, empirically tested optical science, including a consideration of diffraction

TrueDoF-Pro is a major step forward in working with depth of field. Specifically designed for working professionals, the app offers features, versatility, customisability and no-fuss ease of use to make it the ideal tool — a tool that  does its job (superbly) without getting in the way.

TrueDoF-Pro is a tool that works the way YOU want to work:

* Directly set any relevant quantity you like, even the near and far limits of DoF.

* Lock any input in place; vary any other input.

Want to “work backwards,” whereby you specify the depth of field you’re after, and have the app tell you what aperture and focus distance you need? Couldn't be easier. Enter what you want directly; get instant results.

Want to lock in a particular far limit of depth of field (e.g. as a cinematographer, would you like to lock in the far end of a set)?  Slide the far limit pointer to your desired distance, and hit its lock button. Freely change any other input you like.

A key (and unique) TrueDoF feature is the option to include the effects of diffraction in the calculation of DoF, giving a much more accurate indication of how sharp the image will be (see the article "Image Sharpness vs Aperture").

A partial list of features:

Elegant, interactive, easy to read interface, with both graphical and numerical display of data

Fast, no-fuss input; real-time output

Unprecedented input options: Want to specify a far limit of DoF? Or a near limit? Now you can.

Lock any input (aperture lock not available on iPhone 5s)

Option to “work backwards” — set your desired depth of field, see what focus distance and aperture you need

Hyperfocal function — lock your far limit at infinity

Option to include the effects of diffraction

Optional visual indication of the limits imposed by diffraction

Customisability of numerical readouts (show, hide, display distances or blur size, display front and rear DoF as distances or %)

User-definable focal length presets for the scroll wheel's rapid selection buttons, for super-fast selection of YOUR lenses

Support for all formats up to 8x10in

User-selectable distance scales

Distance units changed directly on main screen by tapping m/ft button

Optional "distance snap" function

Optional input of focus distance via keypad

User-selectable aperture scales (reading to f/22 or f/64)

Aperture slider snap to half or third stops (user selectable)

Easily switch between settings for different cameras: a simple slider to set a blur spot diameter (circle of confusion); no tedious listing of camera models

Blur spot diameter is displayed on the main screen, so you won't find yourself working with the wrong setting

Facility to specify wavelength, for use when shooting in the infrared or ultraviolet parts of the spectrum

Visual indication of wavelength on the main screen

Context specific help

Comprehensive User Guide

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